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Your Global Health Journey: First Steps

June 15th 2022

Prioritising Equity and Inclusion in Global Health

June 22nd 2022

Power and Partnership: Measuring Change

June 29th 2022

Exploring the Digital World: Engaging Online

July 6th 2022

Global Health in a New Era: Climate, COVID and Coups

July 13th 2022

From Leadership to Learning: Capturing Your Experience

July 20th 2022

Caring for your Wellbeing

July 27th 2022

Global Engagement Opportunity Fair!

August 3rd 2022

The Series is aimed at people working in the NHS who are looking to get more involved in global health activities.  

Providing an opportunity to learn from and engage with experienced colleagues in the field through a mixture of workshops, presentations and interactive sessions.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • To prepare for a global engagement opportunity. 

  • To explore ways you can capture your learning and make the most of your global health experience.  

  • To explore power dynamics and the importance of the decolonisation of global health. 

  • To understand the impact gender and social inclusion can have on global health programs, interventions and staff. + social inclusion. 

  • To understand how digital technology and communications can help you in your global engagement journey. 

  • To explore digital health approaches and advance your knowledge of what can be achieved in this space. 

  • To explore the positive impact global engagement can have on your wellbeing. 

  • To discover global engagement opportunities and build your global health network! 

Delegates will learn how to get involved internationally, how this can support their professional learning objectives and how this can be of value to their work in the NHS.

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