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Explore how global health experience can benefit you.

If you work in the NHS or UK health sector and are looking to get involved in global health for the first time within a supportive and challenging learning environment then this is the perfect series for you!

Join us in June, July and August 2022 for our Webinar Series! 

The series at a glance...

The series will provide an opportunity to learn from and engage with experienced colleagues in the field through a mixture of workshops, presentations and interactive sessions.

The series is designed to provide interactive and engaging sessions for NHS staff and final year medical and pharmacy students the opportunity to learn about global health engagement. From exploring the different opportunities available, to understanding how you can capture the learning you gain whilst overseas, the series is a fantastic place to begin your global health journey.

What our delegates have said about GoingGlobal

Excellent day - practical and thought provoking! Really great to meet others and have time to talk and share experiences. 

A fantasic, inspiring day overall  - thank you!


Extensive coverage of preparation needed. Very positive and enthusiastic speakers. Great to have increased awarenes of projects.


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Health Education England (HEE) supports the delivery of high-quality patient care through its role in educating, training and developing the health workforce.

Global engagement is in our national interest. The NHS is increasingly engaging in global health work, with growing interest from NHS staff for overseas learning opportunities and an increasing demand for NHS expertise and services globally.


Today, one billion people will never see a qualified health worker in their lives.

For over thirty years, THET has been working to change this, training health workers to build a world where everyone has access to affordable and quality healthcare.

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